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  • All rules of the Midwest Jr. Super Series are designed on a simple premise – Junior Drag Racing is a sport designed for the fun and enjoyment of the whole family.
  • The spirit and intent of that principle is the standard by which the series is guided. The rules and regulations set forth are as complete as the Midwest Jr. Super Series can make them at this time. However, it is impossible to craft rules that cover every contingency. When an unforeseen circumstance arises that tests the spirit and intent of the rules, event officials are authorized to decide whether an equipment change or design is an attempt to “beat” the rules.
  • Event officials can and will disqualify an entry in violation of this spirit and intent rule. Officials shall have the right to correct conditions not in compliance with the spirit and intent of regulations.

General Rules

  • NHRA rules will apply to all NHRA approved classes.
  • No exceptions, any car that is started in the staging area must have the driver in the seat and the drive belt must be off.
  • Any documented violation of age, engine capacity rules or falsification of documents may result in a minimum six race suspension, a cash fine, and/or loss of all series points.
  • Deep staging permitted (but not guaranteed) in all classes. Competitors that deep stage should be aware that the Tree can be activated at any time after both Pre-Stage bulbs are lit. The Auto-Start system will NOT be overridden for any competitor choosing to deep stage. “DEEP” must be written on the car in plain sight for the Starter and competitors to see. (Auto Start will be OFF for the following classes, 5-7 Year olds, 8-9 Year olds, 13.90 Index and 11.90 Index).
  • Courtesy staging is recommended at all times in all classes. Once a car is Pre-staged, Only the Starter may touch the car. There will be NO pullbacks in any class during eliminations. During Time runs the Starter has the discretion to pull back a 5-9 Year Old competitor. If a 5-9 Year Old competitor wants a Pull-back during Time runs, the competitor should immediately signal the starter by raising both hands in the air. There will be no re-runs due to a staging mistake by any competitor.
  • In the event of a mistake made by a Track official, the round will be re-run.
  • The Starter has complete control of the race track. Failure to comply with the starter’s direction may result in disqualification.
  • No touching of the car after the pre-stage light is on. Result, First Time warning. Repeated non-compliance will result in disqualification at the discretion of the Starter/Series Official.
  • No treating/prepping tires past the water box.
  • Auto Start will be used in all classes, except, 13.90 Index, 11.90 Index and 5 – 9 Year Old Age Group.
  • Must hold a NHRA/IHRA competition license.
  • Bye Runs: The first round bye will go to the competitor with the best reaction time from the time runs, while the second round bye run will go to the winning racer with the best reaction time in round one and so forth. Any ties in reaction time during the time trial / following rounds for the bye will be broken by whichever racer accomplishes the reaction time first. If there is an even amount of racers, the selected bye run participant will be given lane choice in that pair. A competitor will be allowed only one chance for a bye run before going on the ladder. A Bye run will carry over to the next round or until they go on the ladder. Single/Bye Runs: car must stage under its own power to claim round win.
  • Ladder at 8 cars. Ladder will be based on best reaction time from the previous round of eliminations. The eliminator ladder will follow the NHRA Sportsman Ladder system (i.e., In a 8 car field, 1 would race 5, 2 would race 6, 3 would race 7, and 4 would race 8). A competitor whom previously received a bye run (before going on the Ladder) may receive another bye run once we ladder the field. If there are an odd number of cars in the first round on the ladder, the competitor with the best reaction time from the previous round of competition will be laddered to have the bye run. Byes will not be carried over on to the ladder. The ladder will not be changed once it has been set. Lane choice will be determined by the reaction time from the previous round of competition. The participant with the better reaction time will have lane choice.
  • Age: a driver’s competition age is the actual attained age as of January 1, 2016. A driver who ages up during the year may continue to compete in the class they started the year in, or may move to a higher class once their actual attained age qualifies them.
  • Protests: Any protest or question must be voiced PRIOR to the participant staging their car/activating the Tree.
  • The use of saran/plastic wrap is prohibited. Only the use of tire covers is allowed for the purpose of keeping the tires prepared for racing.
  • Championship Points Tie Breakers
    1. Most Event Wins
    2. Most Event R/U’s
    3. Most Semi’s
    4. Most Events attended

ET limits for practice and eliminations for NHRA Approved Classes

  • 5 Year olds, single time runs ONLY
  • 13.90 Index and 6 & 7 Age Group.
    • Any driver who exceeds 13.70 will receive one warning. After the warning, a second offense will result in disqualification from the class.
  • 11.90 Index and 8 & 9 Age Group.
    • Any driver who exceeds 11.70 will receive one warning. After the warning, a second offense will result in disqualification from the class.
  • 8.90 And 10-12 Age Group.
    • Any driver who exceeds 8.70 will receive one warning. After the warning, a second offense will result in disqualification from the class.
  • 7.90 Index, and 15 & up Age Group.